Harmonizing Beauty and Visibility / VisibilityとBeautyの融合

When we design a package, our primary focus is to maximize visibility while maintaining the beauty of the package. Like anywhere in the world, store shelves in Japan are filled with colorful packages accompanied by information-packed pop advertisings. Consumers choose among these options in a moment’s time. Therefore, being beautiful is not good enough to capture the attention of shoppers in a product-jammed storefront. Then, how we can make a package stand out while retaining its true beauty? Are there any effective ways?

Using “POP stickers” is one answer to this question. The stickers add a spice to the package and make them catchier. They help improve package visibility and provide additional information on the product to promote purchase intention – all without undermining the original design of the package.


At the time of package renewal of the Lux series, we received high acclaim for our work in developing the package and attention design.

私達はパッケージの持つ美しさを保ちつつ、いかに視認性を維持するかを最重要課題として取り組んでいます。日本市場の店頭では、色とりどりのパッケージがひしめいており、様々な情報が盛り込まれたpop が飾られています。


消費者に「Stop → Engage → Purchase」 させるために、私達はパッケージに視認性を持たせることが重要と考えます。

pack 本来の美しさを守りながら、いかに店頭で目をとめてもらうか、そのためには何が必要か?

1 つの手段としてAttention デザインがあげられます。Attention デザインはpack デザインの邪魔をせず、なおかつpack では伝えきれない情報を補う役割を担い、視認性を効果的に上げることが可能です。pack のrenewal に伴い、pack を含め、このAttention デザインの開発に携わり、高評価をいただくことができました。

Client: Unilever

Brand: Lux Hair

Location: Japan

Categories: 2D, Adaptation

"Thank you for your amazing work on the package design. We haven't released a single commercial yet, but we are already seeing a significant increase in sales."

 / Eriko, Uniliver Japan.

At the time we received the order for the renewal design of Lux Body Soap, its market share was so low that it was even considered to be cut from the Unilever product portfolio

in Japan.

The end product was designed with utmost emphasis on shelf visibility. This resulted in an unprecedented visual look
in this product category. After the launch of the renewed
designs, we were delighted to receive a phone call from an excited client. This renewed product had recorded the second highest sales in the history of the Lux body soap series, despite not having aired a single commercial yet.

Client: Unilever

Brand: Lux Body

Location: Japan

Categories: Package





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