YKS Privacy Policy

YKS has established the Privacy Policy as stated below. We take necessary and appropriate safety control measures, and ensure that our employees comply with these policies to promote the protection of personal information.
Management of personal information:
YKS takes appropriate measures to prevent and correct any abuse, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of personal information. We conduct necessary education and training regarding the “treatment of personal information” for all employees to ensure its appropriate management. We treat corporate information in the same way.
Safety measures for personal information:
In order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of personal information, YKS implements all possible security measures. 
Purpose of use of personal information:
The personal information that you provide will be used for the purposes listed below:
・Providing information regarding our products and services
・Managing inquiries about our company and/or our services
・Executing a contract
Prohibition of the disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties:
We will properly manage the personal information you have entrusted to us and will not disclose or provide the personal information to any third party except in the following cases:  
・When you have provided prior consent
・When it is necessary to disclose the information to suppliers and outsource the service in order to provide you with           our services
・When required by law
Confirmation of identity:
If an individual requests the inquiry, revision or deletion of personal information he or she has supplied to YKS, we shall take appropriate and reasonable action after the identity of that individual has been confirmed.
Compliance with laws and regulations:
YKS will always comply with applicable laws and regulations, guidance and other directions as stipulated by the Japanese government regarding the treatment of personal information.

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