Limited-Edition Seasonal Packages / 特別な限定パッケージ

Aside from the regular product line of Dove brand body wash, we were requested to develop seasonal packages for the Japanese market.


To deliver a special limited-time feeling, we created images drawing on the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms in spring, the freshness of grapefruit in summer, and the tenderness of snowflakes in winter – while maintaining consistency with the core concept of the Dove brand, “deep moisturization”.





Client: Unilever    

Brand: Dove Body  

Location: Japan  

Categories: 2D, 3D, Key Visuals


Scope of Work: Pump Package Adaptation (2016)
Art Director’s Comment: Based on the primary design prepared by a global design agency, we developed a unique look tailored to the Japanese market. 


Scope of Work: Pump Package Adaptation (2016〜2018)
Art Director’s Comment: While following the layout design of existing products, we incorporated originally created visuals to express a sense of season (winter not included).