Entry into New Markets / 新規市場への参入

In the Japanese personal care market, rising interest in healthy living has created a new demand for value-added cleaners. Especially in the category of hair cleansing, many new products with non-silicon, color-free, or additive-free features have entered the market. Also, new items boasting superior quality, organic materials and botanical ingredients have significantly increased. This trend is also prominent in the area of body cleansing, leading to the birth of Dove's brand-new “Botanical Selection” series.

For this series, we developed a new look for its standard logo, and created its package design and key visuals. With the goal of acquiring new users in a new market, we pursued an effective, innovative design by drawing on its new bottle shape and creating a luxurious, gentle botanical feel – all the while keeping in line with the original image of the Dove brand.

日本市場では年々健康志向が強まり、単なるクレンジングだけではなく、付加価値のついた商品が求められてきています。特にヘア クレンジング カテゴリーにおいては、近年ノンシリコンや無添加・無着色などを付加価値とした商品が次々に参入し、より良い素材やオーガニックを主張したもの、ボタニカル感をアピールした商品も続々誕生しています。ボディクレンジング カテゴリーでもその傾向が顕著にでてきており、通常ラインとは異なった新たな市場への参入として新シリーズ「Botanical Selection」の投入が決定しました。私達は、この「Botanical Selection」の開発にあたり、新しいロゴの開発からVisual、packageデザイン、Key Visualに至るまでデザインを検討しました。


Client: Unilever

Brand: Dove Body

Location: Japan

Categories: 2D, 3D, Key Visuals

Scope of Work: Pump Package Design (2018)
Art Director’s Comment: We created a completely new package design (excluding the “Dove” logo mark).

The shape of the bottle and the elements for the shampoo packages were specified by the client.