Satisfying Both Consistency & Differentiation / 一貫性と差別化

With the increasing interest in facial cleansing in recent years, there has been a growing demand for richer and creamier lather. This led to the development of Dove Face Premium Lather Booster, a premium product line of their existing products. Engaged in the project from the outset, we selected package materials, examined and developed the color scheme, and created key visuals.

Following the concept of the Dove brand, we successfully established value positioning of the premium product line while ensuring consistency in the style and design of existing products. Dove Face Premium Lather Booster was offered to sale as a set item with a foaming net in an outer plastic package, the first trial of its kind.


As for the package design of the tube itself, we used opaque material for the cap and pearl paint finish for the main body to enhance its luxurious finish.



そのため、既存パッケージのプレミアムラインとして商品開発がスタートすることとなり、私達はパッケージの素材・配色などの検討・開発からKey Visualに至るまで開発に携わりました。Doveブランドとしてのコンセプトを踏襲しつつ、既存製品とのデザインの一貫性の確保、プレミアムラインとしての差別化を追求し、泡立てネットとセットとなった初Secondaryつきパッケージ商品となりました。



Client: Unilever

Brand: Dove Face 

Location: Japan 

Categories: 2D, 3D, Secondary, Key Visuals

Scope of Work: Tube and Outer Package Design (2013)