Our strength lies in the close collaboration among our team members, which comprises of: master visualizer, 3D expert, graphic designer, globally-experienced art director, and illustrator. 

Further, our latest member, Yoshiaki Koda, brings to our firm a wealth of experience in art direction and design.

Shown here is a sample of his past works. (Visual images newly created by Yasuma Kan Studio.)


Scope of Work:  Package Design of JILL STUART ANGEL 
Designer, Yoshiaki Koda's Comment: The end products are almost same as my initial sketch. The rabbit and flower motives arranged on the layout are the ones recommended by Jill.


Scope of Work: Package design of Innocent Relax line, JILL STUART Relax Series 

Designer, Yoshiaki Koda's Comment:   I could accomplish the project with the advice and assistance from the parsons concerned including Jill.It was my idea to attach a large ornament on the hinge cap and tie a ribbon on the bottle.