Brand Building from Scratch / ゼロからのブランド構築

Our client, Madeleine Lapin, is the very first madeleine specialty store in Japan. With a deep love and passion for madeleine, they have invented an original moist and fluffy madeleine recipe. Using the finest ingredients, they offer freshly-baked, handmade additive-free madeleines.

Deeply touched by their diligence and sincerity, we strove to build a brand that reflects their true nature.

A company’s logo plays an essential role in branding, at times determining the success or failure of a business. We aimed to create a brand logo that will leave a lasting impression, and will be cherished for years to come.





Client: KILN

Brand: Madeleine Lapin

Location: Japan

Categories: Brand Logo, Package, Shop Facade

Scope of Work: Branding and Graphic Design (2014)
Art Director’s Comment: We created the logo and gift package, as well as the initial design of the store.