Crafting a Truly Universal Design / 最高のユニバーサルデザイン

At the time when the idea of universal design began to spread, there weren’t any revolutionary designs in the area of beverage packaging due to high prioritization of cost efficiency.

Our mission was to redesign 500ml plastic bottles to make them more user friendly. By adopting an hourglass shape, we made the bottle easier to open and hold for those with smaller hands or weaker grips. We also passionately pursued beauty in its form, all the while satisfying client requirements such as productivity, portability, and vending machine suitability.


Client: Coca-Cola

Brand: Soukenbicha

Location: Japan

Categories: 3D

Scope of Work: Shape Design (2006)

Art Director’s Comment: Carefully considering ergonomics and production feasibility,

we designed the shape of a 500ml bottle from the perspective of universal design. (Graphic created by other design firm.)